I’m Kathy-Ann Schmierer

Goondiwindi, Queensland


Many years ago, I first created a beautiful mixed media eye painting at a special art class. Thereafter, I stumbled upon an art class in Goondiwindi, Queensland in 2017. I always have a carer who supports and accompanies me to attend these art classes.

I love the inspiration that I get from other people in my art classes. I enjoy the feedback, the way we cheer each other up, and how we support each other. Attending art classes have always been my happiest days in a week.

Art is a way to express myself when my mental illness gets too bad and I am unable to find the words to express myself. Art is a perfect distraction from my wandering thoughts. From time to time, my depression still kicks in and mental state still goes up and down and this leaves me feeling hollow and lifeless.

When I paint, I feel that my mood changes and my spirit gets an uplift.


I am inspired by many things, mainly by the various colours that I see around me. I am inspired by other artists too. I love watching how other artists paint even if their style is totally different from mine.

One of my inspirations is Michael Lang. His style puts you in a state of trance with this ability to glide over the canvas with both his left and right hands moving so freely.

I also enjoy watching French artist John Beckley who creates colourful abstract art. When you think he might have gone too far with his works, you’ll realised it is actually just right.

Local artists also inspire me with their ability to pick colours, recreate scenes, and making them come to life.


My style is a mix of influences, colours, feelings and textures.

My style can be random and it can depend on the influences I have at that particular moment. My style moves, ebbs and weaves going with the changes of the season.

I love watching art inspirations on Youtube and on the net.

I often utilise heavy textured paints with everything lumpy and bumpy or I mix it with light wispy strokes and blends.


I would love to teach and mentor other people who also suffer from mental illness to find their voice through art.

I wish that you will enjoy my art —the colours, feelings and the story behind it that will hopefully inspire you all too.

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